Level Offshore employees

A Look Back on 2023

2023 is coming to an end, and as we reflect on 365 days filled with excitement, joy, and challenges, Level Offshore has experienced significant growth this year. After nearly 6 years of operation, we have built an impressive customer base.

Throughout 2023, we welcomed approximately 120 new employees, in permanent positions, seasonal contracts, and project-based hires. Our dedicated employees have traveled around the world to work on the most impressive rigs and vessels in the subsea sector.

The diversity of knowledge and skills complement each other, creating a cohesive and efficient workforce that we are very grateful for, says Brian Lie, Recruitment Specialist at Level Offshore.

The new faces of Level Offshore

In 2023, we have increased our focus on recruiting ROV personnel due to rising demand. This has resulted in a more than 100% increase in new hires within this segment.

Lise Adsen Kjeldstad joined Level Offshore in September. Lise has previously worked as an ROV pilot, and after a few years’ hiatus, she was ready to return to the profession she enjoyed so much, this time with Level Offshore.

After a short break from ROV, there’s a lot to catch up on. But I find it exciting. I’ve also met many friendly people while working offshore, and there’s a lot of good help available. Questions are quickly answered, which is reassuring.


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In August, we welcomed Geir Sund to the team. He works as a rigger, contributing during equipment mobilization and serving as a slinger and signalman during lifts on deck or on land.

Good communication, acceptance, and being true to oneself is important to me. I am incredibly grateful that Level Offshore took a chance and invested in me. There are many great opportunities here, and, of course, I have met many wonderful people!

Geir emphasizes that no day at work is the same, especially when working on large boats with many different people and tasks. He enjoys the diversity.

Gaselle company for the second year in a row

Motivated and competent individuals like Geir and Lise embody what Level Offshore stands for. This is also reflected in our Gaselle badge. For the second consecutive year, we have been recognized as part of the 2% of Norwegian companies considered Gaselle companies.. Gaselle companies are the country’s most dynamic and successful businesses. To qualify as a Gaselle, a company must have doubled its revenue within four years and be profitable.

Our dedication to quality shines through in all aspects, and at Level Offshore, everyone works toward this common goal. A big thank you for all the effort this year!