In order to reach the climate targets for 2030, business actors, authorities and individual consumers must cooperate and also acquire more knowledge. As a staffing player with employees who work globally, we have a strong power to influence both customers and employees. We must set requirements for ourselves, customers, suppliers and acknowledge a special responsibility to contribute with increased knowledge about sustainability through the services we offer.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Level Offshore supports all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Based on insight work and dialogue with our stakeholders, we have defined four sustainability goals that we believe we have special opportunities to influence.

SDG 5: Gender equality

Gender equality is about a fair distribution of power, influence and resources. We will use our position in the business sector to promote gender equality wherever we have the opportunity, and especially also in our own business

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Through our services, we help businesses create jobs and thereby contribute to economic growth. We also provide opportunities to people who, for various reasons, drop out of school and working life. We will be in the driving seat in our industry to ensure good working conditions for our own employees.

SDG 13: Climate action

We will prepare and follow an environmental policy that will guide our daily operations. Through this, we will engage our stakeholders to work together to stop climate change in the form of skills development and activities.

SDG 17: Working together to achieve the goals

We want to strengthen our existing cooperation with social actors and also continuously explore opportunities for new collaborations that can contribute to important changes towards a more sustainable society.

Sustainability work in practice

Ourselves – we shall:

  1. Work towards becoming a climate-neutral company on its own climate consumption by 2025
  2. Increase focus on sustainability internally, and build competence and understanding among all our employees
  3. Protecting workers’ rights and promoting a safe and secure work environment for all employees
  4. Ensure gender equality in hiring, positions, events and governing bodies
  5. Ensure that employees on leave and with young children have equal opportunities for employment and promotion as all other employees

Customers and suppliers – we will:

  1. Offer our customers sustainable products and services
  2. Through good advice, services and dialogue contribute to knowledge enhancement and quality in the employee staff of our customers
  3. Cooperate with and make mutual demands on our suppliers and partners

Society – we will:

  1. Contribute to sustainable business and community development through our services
  2. Give disadvantaged people an opportunity for work experience
  3. Use our sponsorships actively to promote activity, good health, cultural life and social community locally
  4. Use our position to influence customers, clubs and associations to give both genders equal opportunities