Kaia Leirvik Haga

Kaia Leirvik Haga coordinates medical staff in a tough industry.


Growing up on a farm in Karmøy, Kaia Leirvik Haga naturally developed a strong sense of responsibility and work ethic. Embracing these values, she worked in the healthcare sector for several years while simultaneously earning her bachelor’s degree in human resource management.

After graduating, Kaia was offered the vacant position as assistant coordinator for the summer at Level Offshore and was later hired full-time as Resource Coordinator – Medic.

In the beginning, I primarily had administrative tasks related to vacation management, until I took over responsibility for the medic portfolio when the previous coordinator left, Haga describes how she transitioned from a temporary position to full-time employment.

A year as a coordinator

Applying to Level Offshore was not entirely coincidental. Kaia knew the company operates in a forward-looking industry and generally has a good reputation.

I saw the opportunity to challenge and develop myself while using my skills, says Haga.

Kaia has now been employed at the company for a year and has gained experience in how different months unfold for a coordinator, especially during the busy season when it is essential to ensure that all employees have work to do while actively attracting new potential employees.

My days often consist of planning, coordinating, and communicating to ensure we have the right people in the right places and that both employees and clients are satisfied, Haga explains.

A pool of candidates

A recruiting company like Level Offshore must always have a rich pool of skilled medics available to meet our clients’ needs at all times.

However, it is important to remember that we work with people who have different needs and desires, and therefore we must try to take care of all employees in the best possible way, says Haga.

Level Offshore is committed to ensuring that all the medic staff feel comfortable on the various vessels and rigs, alongside both their own and their clients’ employees. Medics do an incredibly important job in tough environments. Fortunately, Level Offshore has gathered a solid and strong team of medics whom they feel comfortable putting their trust in.

Finding medics

To find medics that meet the standards, the recruiters carefully go through applications, interview candidates, and check references before making a decision. In case of urgent needs or forecasts for more employees, the process goes through Level Offshore’s own Recruitment Specialist, Brian Lie.

For medics who wish to start in the offshore industry, it is important to be patient, have perseverance, be flexible, and stand out. When you get your first trip as a medic, you should be mentally prepared, interested, engaged, and show confidence and visibility to other employees, Haga shares as tips for newly hired medics.

The need for medics does not seem to diminish, and Level Offshore is continuously working to recruit the best people and remain the preferred partner among their clients.