Level Personal and Deepocean establish new company

Level Personal and DeepOcean are teaming up to create a new company that will deliver personnel to the offshore business and marine industry.

Level Personal has experienced strong growth since the start-up in April 2016, with DeepOcean as one of their biggest customers. The cooperation is now strengthened through the launch of Level Offshore.

A shareholder agreement has been signed between DeepOcean and Level Personal, each will own 50 percent of Level Offshore. The core business is staffing to the offshore industry and the marine market, the head office will be located in “Levelbygget”. The possibility of creating subsidiaries abroad will also be explored.

The General Manager of the company is Karl Magnus Minge, with over 25 years of experience in the Offshore industry both nationally and internationally. Minge comes from a position as General Manager of DeepOcean’s operations in Brazil.

Chairman of the Board of Level Group and Level Personal, Helge Stava, has great expectations for the new company. “The purpose of Level Personal is to be a total supplier of recruitment and staffing services. With Level Offshore we will be able to serve an important part of the local and national labor market”, says Stava.

CFO of DeepOcean, Kjetil Ramstad, adds: “We have participated in this market for many years and now we join forces with Level to ensure access to personnel with high skills and quality. The new company will be a key supplier for us, but it is also important for Level Offshore to grow in other segments where DeepOcean is not a customer”. General Manager of Level Personal, Tor Arne Egeland, believes the timing is just right. “This is something we have had the ambition to do for a long time and we are very pleased that we can do it together with a solid company like DeepOcean. They have comprehensive experience in this market, so all is set for this to be a success”, Egeland comments.

We now look forward to launching the new company and start marketing towards customers.